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Dear coral-listers:
I am turning in the following invitation on behalf of Dr. Carlos Ramos-Scharron, Assistant Professor of the Department of Geography and the Environment & Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies of the University of Texas At Austin. 
TheCoral Reefs of the Caribbean Symposium to be held on the 24th and 25th of September at the University of Texas at Austin will bring together representatives from academic institutions, government agencies, and civil society involved in Caribbean reef conservation. This event is meant to facilitate dialogue across disciplines and geographical locations including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Colombia, and México, while also promoting the University of Texas’ ongoing research agenda on this topic. Participating agencies and institutions include NOAA, NASA, the US Geological Survey, the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, the University of Puerto Rico, Universidad EAFIT-Medellín in Colombia, the Universidad Autónoma de México-Sisal campus, and the University of Texas-Austin.
The LLILAS Faculty Research Initiative presents:
 Caribbean Coral Reefs at Risk
 Sept. 24–25, 2015
 UT Austin
 An international symposium on the current state and future of coral reef conservation efforts throughout the Caribbean from the perspective of government agencies, nongovernment organizations, and academia.
 Panelists will include:
 -Liane Guild (NASA-AMES)
 -Jennifer Koss (NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program)
 -Dr. Quenton Dokken (Gulf of Mexico Foundation)
 -Prof. Elvira Cuevas (Catec Upr-Rio Piedras)
 -Dr. Edwin Hernández (UPR & Sociedad Ambiente Marino)
 -Sharon Coldren (Coral Bay Community Council )
 -Paul Sánchez Navarro (Mexican Center for Nature Conservation)
 -Roberto Viqueira Ríos (Protectores de Cuencas)
 -Federico Botero (ECORAL, Colombia)
 -Dr. Lisa Vandiver (NOAA's Restoration Center)
 -Prof. Carlos Ramos-Scharron (UT-Austin)
 -Prof. Juan Restrepo (EAFIT-Colombia)
 -Prof. Joaquín Rodrigo Garza (UNAM-Sisal)
 -Mikhail Matz (UT-Austin Biology)

Please RSVP onFacebookContact Carlos Ramos Scharron for any questions at : cramos at austin.utexas.edu
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