[Coral-List] Coral calcification session at ASLO: abstracts due Sept 23

Jessica Carilli jcarilli at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 17:08:38 EDT 2015

Dear Coral-listers,

Please consider submitting an abstract for our session at the 2016 Ocean
Sciences meeting in February. Abstracts are due Sept 23

Coral Reef Calcification in a Changing Ocean: from Microscale Mechanisms to
Macroscale Responses
Session ID#: 9619

Session Description:
Coral reefs support an estimated 500 million people worldwide. Yet
anthropogenic CO2 emissions are driving unprecedented changes in the
tropical oceans, where the vast majority of shallow water reefs exist.
Rapid warming, acidification and declining productivity will have
potentially deleterious effects on calcification, the fundamental process
of reef building. However, quantitative projections of coral reef futures
are limited in part, by gaps in our understanding of the calcification
process – from the production of crystals to the building of reefs – and of
the response of coral and coral reef calcification to multiple, interactive
global change stressors on timescales of days to decades. This session
invites contributions from biologists, marine chemists, physical
oceanographers, ecologists and geochemists to bring diverse expertise and
new perspectives to a subject of global significance. We encourage
submissions from field, laboratory, and theoretical studies that offer new
insights into the fundamental mechanisms of coral calcification and reef
building, and the response of calcification to global change at the
cellular, colony and ecosystem scale. Paleoperspectives on calcification
responses to past global changes are encouraged as well as papers that
offer insights into potential for adaptation.

Session chairs: Jessica Carilli, Weifu Guo, Anne Cohen, Steeve Comeau


Feel free to contact one of us with questions as well.

Thank you,
Jessica Carilli
School for the Environment
UMass Boston

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