[Coral-List] Our Community

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 11 16:14:51 EDT 2015

Sometimes this Coral-List reminds me of my adult kids that still come by
for a "short" visit and then leave months to a year later.  During those
times we have been know to raise our voices at each other and say things
we wish we hadn't, but after awhile we settle back down and continue
with our voices reduced to a low roar.

Everybody please remember to keep a civil tongue and act like the people
you are talking to are right in front of your face.  Maybe I'm the only
guy who has ever had a bill collector keep calling me, but have you ever
noticed how they're as nasty as they wanna be over the phone, but if
they saw you face-to-face, they wouldn't dare be like that?

I commend the way the two adults have recently settled their rather
minor dispute in public.  Thank you both.

    That is all...I hope you have a nice weekend!

    Your fan,
    Coral-List Admin

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