[Coral-List] Ocean Sciences: session on Prediction of Abrupt Ecosystem Changes

Joanie Kleypas kleypas at ucar.edu
Mon Sep 14 14:06:36 EDT 2015

The deadline for submitting abstracts to the Ocean Sciences meeting in New
Orleans is September 23 (see http://osm.agu.org/2016/)

If you are working on the topic of abrupt changes in ecosystems, please
consider submitting an abstract to the session below:

*Session Topic:* Marine Ecosystems
*Session ID:* 9521
*Session Title:* Toward Mechanistic Understanding and Prediction of Abrupt
Ecosystem Changes

Ecosystems can experience abrupt changes in productivity, species
composition and trophic structure that can profoundly impact marine
resources and undermine resource management.   Such changes often arise
from shifts in multiple ecosystem drivers (e.g., climate forcing,
pollution, fishing, acidification) that are integrated within complex
communities.  Dynamical systems theory has provided fundamental insights
into the nature and drivers of abrupt ecosystem change - including
potential early warning signals.  However, greater process-level
understanding of drivers and mechanisms underlying abrupt ecosystem changes
are essential for robust prediction.  In this session, we invite
observational and modeling studies elucidating the processes and mechanisms
underlying abrupt ecosystem changes.

On behalf of co-chairs Charlie Stock, Jameal Samhouri, Mark Ohman, and
Joanie Kleypas

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