[Coral-List] Ocean Sciene Session: Ecological consequences of internal waves

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for the AGU/ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting to be held in New Orleans 
(Louisiana, USA) in 21-26 February 2016, we would like to invite you to 
submit an abstract to

Session ID#: 9446

Ecological Consequences of Internal Waves, Internal Tides and Solitons 
in the Ocean

Session Description:
At the crossroads of physics and geology, nonlinear internal waves 
(NLIWs) are generated where currents in a density-stratified water 
column intersect with topography. They are ubiquitous in the ocean and 
contribute significantly to physical mixing, biological productivity and 
benthic biodiversity across a wide range of scales, from diurnal 
internal tides to packets of solitons. Changes in stratification might 
alter NLIW energetics in the future ocean, but the consequences for the 
biota are at present unknown. Here, we invite contributions linking NLIW 
dynamics to pelagic productivity and export to the benthos, aggregation 
and transport of food and propagules, shoaling of NLIWs, propagation of 
bores and the consequences of the resulting environmental variability on 
pelagic and benthic biota. Field, laboratory and modelling studies 
linking the physics, geology and biology across a full range of marine 
ecosystems are welcome./


/Claudio Richter (AWI),
/ Marlene Wall (GEOMAR), James Leichter (SCRIPPS), Jesus Pineda (WHOI)

/Abstract Submission Deadline is 23 September 2015, 11:59 P.M. EDT

You can submit your abstract to

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