[Coral-List] Bleaching Reports, please

Mark Eakin mark.eakin at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 18 11:49:15 EDT 2015

Just a quick reminder of the need to report bleaching so we can track the growing event. 

In the Caribbean, we’ve been getting reports of bleaching in Upper and Lower Keys. We’ve heard a little about bleaching at a couple of sites in Cuba and mention of bleaching starting in Haiti. However, much of the central Bahamas is at Alert Level 1, along with all of the Keys (Upper and Lower Keys now at Alert Level 2), and Cuba, especially along the northern coast.

In the Pacific, Alert Level 2 conditions continue across the nation of Kiribati and we have had a few reports from Kanton and the island of Kiribati. All of the Main Hawaiian Islands are under Alert Level 1 and reports have started coming in from not only Oahu, but also Maui and the big island.

We really need two things:
1) Quick emails to let us know what you are seeing out there. Rough percentages of bleaching, location, and date is sufficient to just let us know where bleaching is ongoing. Please email your reports to coralreefwatch at noaa.gov <mailto:coralreefwatch at noaa.gov>
2) Bleaching reports using the qualitative and forms found on our bleaching reporting webpage: http://coralreefwatch.noaa.gov/satellite/research/coral_bleaching_report.php <http://coralreefwatch.noaa.gov/satellite/research/coral_bleaching_report.php>. These are needed to fully document the event and to compare against our satellite-based products.


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