[Coral-List] What can we do to save coral reefs?

Peter Sale sale at uwindsor.ca
Thu Sep 24 23:42:20 EDT 2015

Hi listers,
I just put up the second of two posts dealing with the impact of this mega el Nino, and what we can do to protect or repair coral reefs.  It includes an edit of Dennis Hubbard's recent cautionary comments re jumping to simple causal explanations and rushing out with new policy based on them.  Very often the simple explanation was not only simple, but incorrect.  Not saying do nothing, just pleading for intelligent action.
Sorry if I make some people unhappy with this one.  It's at http://wp.me/p5UInC-x2
And DO report bleaching events, as well of cases where expected bleaching did not occur, to coral-list.

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