[Coral-List] Coral killing continues in Florida

Brian Barnes bbarnes4 at mail.usf.edu
Mon Sep 28 10:10:21 EDT 2015


Apart from the debate on coral impacts, the Port of Miami dredging had widespread effects on turbidity in the region. This manuscript <http://optics.marine.usf.edu/~brian/out/scratch/PageProof_RSE_9557.pdf>  (just accepted for publication in Remote Sensing of Environment) details use of satellite data and long-term monitoring programs to estimate the size, duration, and historical context of turbidity events during the dredging work. Indeed, an area between 127 and 228 km^2 was affected (11 km^2 of which includes corals), with locations nearest the channels showing the largest impacts (See Fig 9). This type of analysis is a much more robust way to capture and monitor dredging impacts than the discrete sampling methods currently used.



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