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John Burns jrburn at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 13:55:20 EDT 2016


We are excited to announce the new version of the Coral Health Atlas:


The goal of this website is to provide interactive access to coral health
data and immersive data visualizations at study sites throughout the
Hawaiian Archipelago. Users can also access information pertaining to the
importance of corals and coral health, research methods, historical
information about each study site, and recent news. Aims and applications
of our research are contextualized in worldviews indigenous to Hawaiʻi..
Cultural significance of study sites and relationship between coral and
people is also included in this website to enhance our understanding of why
it is important to study health of the coral and coral reefs.

The interactive map allows users to view each site in a spatial context and
examine coral health data selecting multiple various parameters such as
prevalence, severity, disease-type, and species. In order to enable users
to virtually explore each location first-hand, we have embedded 360
panoramic videos for each location. Users can use their mouse to drag and
look in any direction while the video plays, thus simulating the experience
of diving at each study locations. The 360 videos are housed on YouTube, so
they can also be viewed with smartphones and VR headsets. Lastly, we have
embedded 3D reconstructions of the coral reef at each site. User can
manipulate and explore each 3D reef model and view the various morphologies
and habitat complexity among the sites.

Ultimately, we hope this site provides a user-friendly and informative
platform that provides cutting-edge data visualization products to promote
awareness of the importance of coral health and protecting these valuable

Please feel free to contact us via the website with any inquires.



John Burns
P.O. Box 578
Papaikou, HI 96781
jrburn at gmail.com

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