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Hi Robert,

Quite agree - the Bali development however was a spectacularly bad idea
from the get go. Indonesia is enormous and intelligent tourism development
would look to optimise some of the other stunning destinations - improve
infrastructure, encourage investment, develop an effective marketing plan.
Greedy investors are milking the Bali cash cow to death and it's very sad
to see.

Here's an example of what you are talking about I think - hopefully it will
reach fruition:


All the best,


On 5 April 2016 at 19:58, Robert Bourke <rbourke at oceanit.com> wrote:

> John;
>    Over the past 25 years, I have taken a slightly different approach to
> ameliorate the impact of coastal development upon nearshore reefs, and it
> seems to have worked fairly well.  Most developers are not really evil
> people and would prefer not to decimate the coastal resources upon which
> their marketing staff has based much of their promotional material.  They
> just don't understand the ramifications of their development upon the
> environment, nor do they know how to do it right.
> Rather than try to "prevent" the coastal development from occurring,
> perhaps you could either work with the developer (or make sure the
> developer chooses good consultants) to ensure that low impact development
> methods are used.  We can all easily point to developments that have had
> large adverse impacts upon coastal resources.  It requires a good deal more
> effort to point out those that have been designed to work within their
> environment and then translate these positive attributes to new coastal
> development schemes.
> Aloha
> Bob Bourke
> Oceanit
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> Hi -
> I have been on this list for many years, and have followed the discussions
> about what we as a community can do to prevent the loss of coral reefs.
> Today, I am looking for your help in identifying reefs that are currently
> threatened by major development projects (eg resorts, ports, or golf
> courses). Ideally, I'm looking for cases where there is a local community
> trying to protect their reef from a large developer. Bringing more support
> and attention to that kind of battle would be a powerful story that we
> could turn into a local victory as well as a much bigger story about the
> urgent need to protect reefs in general.
> Please feel free to reply directly rather than to the full list.
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