[Coral-List] Categorization of Coral Scientists

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Fri Apr 15 11:44:32 EDT 2016

To Whom it may or may not concerns,
I am a researcher who has investigated on coral reefs of the Persian Gulf over the last five years. ICRS committee invited me to present some parts of my researches, and generously offered me the travel grants. Unfortunately, my US visa application was rejected by a US embassy officer in Ankara, Turkey, today (the reason was that the embassy officer was concerned that i may not come back to my home country after the conference). I spent my money and traveled from Iran to Turkey to get interviewed in the US embassy, but in less than two minutes, the officer rejected my application without any further conversation. He only gave me a peace of paper in which was wrote that i am probably not firmly attached to my country of origin. It is so frustrating... The officer asked me if I am a university lecturer, and I answered no! Then, he rejected me! He did not know and did not want to know why I am not a university lecturer! Do you? In the ICRS website it is written: "The Symposium will bring together an anticipated 2,500 coral reef scientists, policy makers and managers from 70 different nations in a forum to present the latest research findings". I would say we must add this phrase: "...except the researchers who are not firmly attached to their original countries". Are you all attached firmly to your countries of origin? 
Shouldn't we think about another way of "conferencation" when some "thirldworlders" face with such barriers? I think live video conference perhaps can work for people like me! I would appreciate any comments. Virtually, can we hope about survival of corals in this unfair environment?
Or we must pray together instead: May God bless Syrian children, when he stopped sleeping on the job! May US embassy bless scientists, when Democracy is fixed! May you protect the corals from us!...

Best wishes for you whatever your categories are.Jahangir VajedSamiei

The Gulf is the hottest Sea on earth, but for sure is not the Sexiest one! 

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