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We are excited that we have already received registrations for this 
workshop, to be held at the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium in 
Hawaii this June. This workshop is being offered free of charge. Due to 
space limitations, we may not be able to accept everyone.

I just wanted to remind students who register to audit my 3-credit 
graduate-level course, "Corals from the Inside Out: Comparative 
Histopathology," at Nova Southeastern University (May 9-July 29), that 
you also need to _contact Mike Sweet_ (below) to register for the Coral 
Pathology Workshop at the ICRS meeting.

And//_contact me_//(epeters at nova.edu) if you are having any difficulties 
in registering for the NSU course (for info see Coral-List Archives: 
Thank you!


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Coral Pathology Workshop

When: 19 June 2016
Where: Windward Community College, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Instructors: Michelle Dennis (Ross University), Esther Peters (George Mason University), Michael Sweet (Derby University), Thierry Work (US Geological Survey).

If you have an interest in trying to figure out what is killing coral reefs and associated organisms, this is the workshop for you.

 Principles of wildlife disease investigations
 Systematically describing gross lesions in corals (acute and subacute tissue loss, discoloration, growth anomalies)
 Field sampling for histopathology (photos, collection, fixation, documentation, shipping)
 Gross and microscopic anatomy of corals (for Indo Pacific, we will focus on Montipora capitata, for Caribbean Acropora cervicornis)
 Histopathology of common lesions in M. capitata (black band disease, chimeric parasites, ciliates, algae, fungi) and A. cervicornis (white band disease/rapid tissue loss, bleaching, coccidia, growth anomalies, algae, fungi)
 Lunch discussion
 Histotechniques, video presentation
 Afternoon practical
 Brief review of gross and microscopic anatomy
 Participants look at slides with and without lesions to see if they can recognize structures and lesions
 Coral virtual microscopy
 Wrap up and discussion

This program is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 8.00 CE Credits (8.00 max) being available to any one veterinarian: and/or 8.00 Veterinary Technician CE Credits (8.00 max).

Interested? Contact Michael Sweet (M.Sweet at derby.ac.uk) with your contact info and the following info:

1) How much histopathology do you routinely do in your day-to-day investigations with coral disease? None, occasionally, routinely (e.g., all our projects incorporate histology).
2) How many years’ experience do you have with microscopy and histology? (None, 1Y, 2-5Y, >5Y)

Space is limited (n=15).

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