[Coral-List] Coral metabolism under oxygen deprivation

James Murphy jwmurphy at hawaii.edu
Tue Apr 19 20:08:01 EDT 2016


We would like to share our new publication in PeerJ entitled "Changes to
coral health and metabolic activity under oxygen deprivation". This paper
explores changes in the activity of enzymes used during anaerobic
respiration in order to determine those favored for energy production under
low oxygen levels in the coral *Montipora capitata*. Through this research
we found that under prolonged oxygen deprivation, *M. capitata* expressed
significantly higher activity levels for the opine dehydrogenase enzymes
strombine dehydrogenase and alanopine dehydrogenase, while little to no
enzyme activity in octopine dehydrogenase or lactate dehydrogenase. Though
well studied in other marine invertebrates, this research is one of the
first papers to investigate the activity of these enzymes in a
scleractinian coral.

This open-access paper can be found through this link to PeerJ:

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