[Coral-List] Identifying bleaching resistant reef locations: is it possible?

Scott Wooldridge swooldri23 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 01:22:56 EDT 2016

Hi All,

Attached is a recently completed CTRMS Technical Report which considers the
environmental factors that enhance the risk of coral bleaching in the
far-northern Great Barrier Reef. The report draws upon the findings from
the BleachRisk risk assessment framework to explain that we should not have
been surprised that these remote (formerly ‘pristine’) reefs are extremely
vulnerable to thermal stress and bleaching.

The report concludes that reducing end-of-river nutrient loads by at least
50-80% in the catchments that drain into the central and southern GBR
remains the best ‘local’ management response for maximising the
ever-diminishing capacity of the GBR to resist thermal stress and bleaching..


Scott Wooldridge

Catchment to Reef Management Solutions, Newcastle, Australia (2280)


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