[Coral-List] Looking for images of juveniles clownfish

Michael Arvedlund arvedlund at speedpost.net
Sun Apr 24 17:04:40 EDT 2016

Hi, Coral list

For a French research project, which I am helping out currently, I am
chasing down images of juveniles clownfish, that has just settled into
host sea anemones. In this research project it will be imperative to
contrast juvenile pigmentation patterns with the aduls pigmentation
patterns. If you can help, please contact me (arvedlund at speedpost.net),
or Miss Natacha Roux (natacha.roux at obs-banyuls.fr). The team is looking
for images from the following anemonefish species:

A. frenatus, 
A. ephippium, 
A. mcculochi, 
A. melanopus, 
A. rubrocinctus, 
A. leucokranos, 
A. sandaracinos, 
A. perideraion, 
A. akallopisos, 
A. Nnigripes 
A. bicinctus 


Mike Arvedlund

Yours sincerely

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