[Coral-List] Visual adaptations of commensal reef shrimps

Magnus Johnson m.johnson at hull.ac.uk
Mon Apr 25 08:50:45 EDT 2016

Our paper "Insights into the morphology of symbiotic shrimp eyes (Crustacea, Decapoda, Palaemonidae); the effects of habitat demands"

Has just been published in PeerJ https://peerj.com/articles/1926/

Morphometric differences in the optical morphology of symbiotic palaemonid shrimps can be observed among species symbiotic with different host organisms. Discriminant functional analysis revealed three distinct groups within the species examined. Of these, bivalve symbionts appear to have an eye design that is solely unique to this host-symbiont grouping, a design that spans across multiple genera of phylogenetically unrelated animals. Although some taxonomic effects may be evident, this does not explain the difference and similarities in eye morphology that are seen within these shrimps. Therefore evolutionary pressures from their host environments are having an impact on the optical morphology of their eyes however, as indicated by host-hopping events there ecological adaptations occur post host invasion.

Dr Magnus Johnson
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Marine Biology
University of Hull

01723 357255 / 07966 363559

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