[Coral-List] couple more articles on the Amazon reefs in the press

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Anyone interested in modern delta-front coral reefs can get a quick  
start with an excellent paper by:

Robert H.C. Madden ⁎, Moyra E.J. Wilson and Maeve O'Shea. 2013.  
Modern fringing reef carbonates from equatorial SE Asia: An integrated  
environmental, sediment and satellite characterisation study. Marine  
Geology 344 (2013) 163–185

I have attached a PDF if anyone is interested. Lot's of great  
references in the paper as well.


Quoting Barbara Kojis <bkojis at hotmail.com>:

> They discovered a sponge and rodolith reef, not a reef made of  
> scleractinian coral.  Coral reef is an inappropriate term for these  
> reefs.  At least the ones described in the article.  There may be  
> actual coral reefs on the edge of the Amazon plume.
> Actual coral reefs, with extensive scleractinian coral cover, often  
> occur under the plumes of much smaller rivers in Papua New Guinea  
> and I imagine under the plumes of many other tropical rivers.  The  
> PNG reefs under the river plumes are not visible from the surface  
> because of the thick river sediment plume.  However, they flourish  
> about a meter or two under the plume.  Their depth distribution is  
> restricted by the attenuation of light by the sediment, but these  
> reefs have/had (I last looked at these reefs about 30 years ago)  
> high coral diversity and high cover.
> Barbara Kojis, Ph.D.
> Prescott, AZ 86305
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>> The Atlantic story gives a bit more background:
>> Scientists have discovered a 600 mile coral reef
>> http://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/04/scientists-discover-a-new-coral-reef-at-the-amazons-mouth/479259/?utm_source=yahoo
>> Unique coral reef ecosystem discovered in the Amazon river
>> http://mashable.com/2016/04/23/coral-reef-ecosystem-amazon/#NhazxDKSCSqo
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