[Coral-List] Guardian Article on Recent Studies by Cinner et al & Bruno & Valdivia

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Dear coral listers

I think one of the issues is that many of the so called "local" issues are not really local but regional in scale and not related to population density in the immediate vicinity of the reefs in question. For the GBR the big "local" issues are terrestrial pollution runoff from broad acre farming via major rivers and thus not related to local population numbers at all and commercial fishing which is also at a scale not strongly related to population centres.

These factors are present in many coral reef regions and we need to carefully separate stress factors that are really "local" and related to human population from regional scale stressors which may be related to watershed activities or large scale fishing not strongly related to "local to the reef in question" human population numbers.



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Hi listers,

A little look at these two recent studies from a layperson's perspective in The Guardian today.




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