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Hajime Kayanne kayanne at eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Fri Aug 5 02:54:29 EDT 2016

Dear coral-list,

I am happy to introduce to you a new book “Coral Reef Science” as one of the volume of Coral Reefs of the World.
This is an outcome of a project called Coral Reef Science from 2008 to 2012 in Japan as an interdisciplinary research on coral reefs ranging from biology, ecology, biogeochemistry, geoscience, engineering, humanities and social sciences with Japanese Coral Reef Society as a platform.
Therefore, the book is mainly based on coral reef studies in Japan with truly interdisciplinary points of view.

Please go to the publisher’s web site for purchase hard cover or eBook.

“Coral Reef Science” edited by Hajime Kayanne, Springer.
Hidaka, M.: Life History and Stress Response of Scleractinian Corals.
Casareto, B. et al.: Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Coral Reef Ecosystem at Microscale/Nanoscale: Effect of Multiple and Synergistic Stresses.
Yamano, H. and Watanabe, T.: Coupling Remote Sensing and Coral Annual Band Data to Investigate the History of Catchment Land Use and Coral Reef Status.
Yamaguchi, T.: A Review of Coral Studies of the Ryukyu Island Arc to Reconstruct Its Long-Term Landscape History.
Fukayama, N.: Producing Plaster: Traditional Uses and Knowledge of Coral on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa.
Shimoda, K.: Possible Articulations Between the Practices of Local Inhabitants and Academic Outcomes of Landscape History: Ecotourism on Ishigaki Island.
Kayanne, H.: Response of Coral Reefs to Global Warming.
Miyajima, T. et al.: Atmospheric Deposition of Reactive Nitrogen as a Regional-Scale Eutrophication Stress on the Coral Reef Ecosystem.

Best wishes,
Hajime Kayanne
kayanne at eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp

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