[Coral-List] Another try for "older" healthy coral photos

david arnold northwester at comcast.net
Mon Aug 22 13:07:31 EDT 2016

A few years back I posted a request for older high-resolution photographs (good scans of transparencies also work well) of specific coral landscapes of places I could find again. I want to rephotograph those scenes exactly to create a before-and-after picture exhibit. I was surprised to receive very few responses. 

The latest bleaching debacle drives me try again, focusing on Hawaii and the West Pacific including the GBR. Because dive operations tend to be skittish of my message (although PADI is a funder), I am appealing to coral researchers who might have taken crispy shots of identifiable landscapes a year or three ago. 

www.doublexposure.net <http://www.doublexposure.net/> illustrates my strategy. Feel free to respond to the email below.   

David Arnold in Boston 
northwester at comcast.net

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