[Coral-List] two new stories about coral reefs

Peter Sale sale at uwindsor.ca
Thu Aug 25 15:13:25 EDT 2016

Hi all,
Dennis Hubbard's recent post nicely brought closure to a discussion thread that was ranging pretty widely, and had probably said all it was going to say.  Thank you, Dennis, for putting us out of our misery as participants in that thread.  Still, one final comment - I have now up-loaded the second part of my comments on communicating science to my blog.  In this one I specifically look at the papers by Cinner et al, and by Bruno and Valdivia, and the contrasting conclusions they draw.  I also have a little fun with what I see as some of the loonier aspects of science as currently practiced.  No sir, certainly not, none of us ever hyped our research findings back in the old days.  Not even a teeny bit.

Peter Sale

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