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Hi David:

I am agree with your point and want to thank you for inviting us to be more


2016-08-25 1:03 GMT-05:00 David Obura <dobura at cordioea.net>:

> Hi all,
> there’s a discussion raging which exemplifies the problems being
> discussed, and a few have pointed out the problem that we scientists like
> to have a single answer that is more correct than others …
> There is a well-known (well, sort of, in some fields) equation, IPAT …
> Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology(or Energy)
> Total impact, from local to global levels, is function of all three
> factors, and we just bow to the methods of the manipulators to argue which
> of these is most important, pitting the over-populated south against the
> over-wealthy north while the over-fuelled 1% giggle in the wings. They’re
> all important, as any benefits derived from changing one can be completely
> swamped by opposite changes in the others.
> So lets build our consensus, drive a discourse that talks to evidence over
> belief (and by this I mean the type of discussion, not having more and more
> charts) and speak to the people who are not in our choir!!
> cheers, David
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