[Coral-List] Job: President and CEO of NatureServe

James Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 31 12:16:24 EDT 2016

FYI, and don't ask me--I don't know anything!


    From: NatureServe <info at natureserve.org>

    NatureServe is Searching for a Dynamic Leader


    NatureServe has begun the search for a dynamic leader, one whose
    expertise and experience can guide our conservation efforts into the
    21st century.

    Slesinger Management Services has been tasked to recruit a dynamic,
    visionary, and innovative leader with experience in biodiversity and
    conservation to serve as President and CEO.

    NatureServe is an international nonprofit organization whose mission
    is to provide the scientific basis for effective conservation
    action. Through a network of more than 80 programs, mostly housed
    with state or provincial government agencies and universities
    throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Latin
    America, NatureServe collects and analyzes data about the plants,
    animals, and ecological communities of the Western Hemisphere.

    The President and CEO should be:

    Knowledgeable about biodiversity and conservation, either
    professionally or through significant volunteer activity. Committed
    to the mission of NatureServe and its focus on data and science to
    inform policy makers. An advanced degree in science is desirable,
    but not required since the essence of this job is to lead and build
    an organization, where a wide range of leadership and management
    skills are paramount. Able to raise money from the broad array of
    funders who can support NatureServe.

    The board of directors would appreciate your help identifying
    candidates for this position. Please forward this email to them, or
    send their name, email address, and phone number to Larry Slesinger,
    301-320-0680, ( Larry at SlesingerManagement.com
    <mailto:Larry at SlesingerManagement.com>), Founder and CEO at
    Slesinger Management Services (executive search for nonprofits in
    the Washington, DC, metro  area) so the potential applicant can be
    contacted directly.

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