[Coral-List] Second announcement - Green Bubbles workshop, key note speakers

martina m.milanese at studioassociatogaia.com
Wed Aug 31 14:06:20 EDT 2016

Dear all,

it is a real pleasure to announce the key-note speakers that will 
introduce each of the five theme sessions of the upcoming Green Bubbles 
Open Workshop (more info here: http://www.greenbubbles.eu/?p=938)

- Joaquim Garrabou (Spanish National research Council) will introduce 
Theme 1 - SCUBA diving systems: deeper understanding
- Lénia Marques (Bournemouth University) will introduce Theme 2 - SCUBA 
diving economies: integrated or isolated?
- Géraldine Fauville (Gothenburg University) will introduce Theme 3 - 
SCUBA diving, Ocean Literacy & schools
- Pascal Van Erp (Ghost Fishing Foundation) and Veronika Mikos (Healthy 
Seas) will introduce Theme 4 - SCUBA diving, Citizen Science: merging 
business & conservation
- Chloe Harvey (Green Fins and The Reef World Foundation) will introduce 
Theme 5 - Sustainable SCUBA diving & labels

To maximise dissemination and impact, we'll do our best to ensure 
real-time Twitter coverage, availability of all contributions via 
YouTube and summaries/reports after the event. Please find below our 
social handles and favourite hashtags:

Twitter: @GB_RISE
Facebook: @greenbubbles.project
Hashtags: #GBopen #sustainable #scuba

With my best regards,


Dr Martina Milanese, PhD

skype: m.milanese
twitter: @martix_m

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