[Coral-List] Sponge Science Who is Who

Christine Schonberg christine.schonberg at uwa.edu.au
Thu Dec 1 23:03:06 EST 2016

Hi all,

it’s this time of the year again that I update the Sponge Science Who is Who, listing contact details and research interests of scientists working on recent and on fossil sponges, including reef sponges. If you consider yourself as someone who works a significant amount of time on sponge-related research, you may consider providing your contact details on the sponge Who is Who 2017, or checking whether the details you supplied last year are still correct. You can download the 2016 Who is Who from http://www.marinespecies.org/porifera/porifera.php?p=sourcedetails&id=222397 to check your details and let me know if you want anything changed – or let colleagues know who may benefit from being listed. The 2017 version is supposed to go onto the World Porifera Database early next year.

Cheers, Christine

Dr. Christine Schönberg

School of Earth and Environment and Oceans Institute
The University of Western Australia
Crawley, WA 6009

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