[Coral-List] The Plan for Ocean Research in the Coming Decade

Dennis Hubbard dennis.hubbard at oberlin.edu
Wed Dec 7 16:30:35 EST 2016

Hi Jim:

Thanks for the heads up.

At your suggestion, I just waded in to get started. So far, I read a
Prospectus that basically says: "We're going to make a plan" an then lays
out boilerplate that includes 1) its scope (The Plan will focus on science,
technology, and innovation to advance ocean research and promote its
societal relevance and impact".), 7 "Societal Themes" and 6 "research
goals". It then lays out a development plan (release the Prospectus in
October - two months ago; seek comments - this phase ends on December 31st;
Develop the draft plan - started last week - odd overlap).

I spent awhile getting a username and password, logged in and ended up back
at the same unprotected Prospectus. But, I'm not discouraged.... after all,
this is the US government we're talking about here.

I checked the "Yes, I want to contribute" box. So (I'm assuming you
probably have knowledge on this that I don't)..... it seems to me that the
next step is to comment on the prospectus (there are still 21 days left)
even though the schedule states that development of the actual plan has now
been underway for about a week.

I'm not sending this to be snarky. I just thought that I'd give everyone a
heads up on what to expect and perhaps give us all an idea of whether my
read on where to go next is correct (and head off a lot of discussion). Am
I correct that the one thing we can contribute at this time are some
thought on the priorities and wording in the "Societal Themes" and
"Research Goals"? The rest seems pretty well cast in stone.



On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 9:41 AM, James Hendee <jim.hendee at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Now's your chance!  No more whining and wringing your hands.  Take action!
>     *Plan for Ocean Research in the Coming Decade*
>     https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2016/10/28/2016-
> 26118/plan-for-ocean-research-in-the-coming-decade
>     ACTION:
>         Notice of request for information.
>     SUMMARY:
>     The Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology (SOST) is
>     requesting input on the overall framing and content of a plan for
>     Ocean Research in the Coming Decade (“the Plan”). The SOST is
>     chartered under the National Science and Technology Council to
>     advise and assist on national issues related to ocean science and
>     technology. The SOST contributes to the goals for Federal ocean
>     science and technology, including identifying priorities and
>     developing coordinated interagency strategies. The Plan will
>     describe the most pressing research questions and most promising
>     areas of opportunity within the ocean science and technology
>     enterprise for the coming decade. It will set the stage for
>     agency-specific and interagency coordinated actions across Federal
>     agencies and with non-Federal sectors to address societal needs and
>     issues of national importance. This notice solicits relevant public
>     input, particularly suggestions directed toward how the Plan should
>     be structured and specific topic areas that should be considered for
>     inclusion.
>     Hope this helps...
>     Cheers, Jim
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