[Coral-List] coral restoration review article

Carin Jantzen carin.jantzen at gmx.net
Tue Dec 13 07:41:38 EST 2016

Dear coral list,

Coral restoration is a matter of debate these days: global bleaching is 
still going on, wiping out corals at an alarming scale, and experts try 
to figure out additional ways how to help coral reefs in need―apart from 
fighting climate change and the usual suspects such as overfishing and 

Based on an interview with two experts―special thanks to Alasdair 
Edwards and James Guest―I wrote an article along the lines of “/what you 
always wanted to know about coral restoration/”, which is now online at 
SECORE's newsroom: http://www.secore.org/site/newsroom.html

'*Coral restoration – limitations, challenges and opportunities*' 
addresses the interested public, gives background info about coral 
restoration and reviews today's coral restoration methods and efforts.

Feel free to share and please enjoy!

With kind regards,

Dr. Carin Jantzen
Marine Ecologist & Author
SECORE Media & Public Relations

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