[Coral-List] Trump, Climate Change, and GOP Values

Ellen Prager pragere at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 15 12:09:32 EST 2016

Dear Coral List

Here’s a blog you all might appreciate. Dr. Tim Dixon and I tried to spell out why climate change and it’s impacts are exactly about the things Trump and the GOP claim to want to focus on - economy, national security, and human health. I got a bit about coral reefs in there as well. If you like it and agree, please comment on the post (if the blog gets more hits and comments, they’ll highlight it) and pass it on.


In addition to finding ways to better communicate our message about the importance of coral reefs and the serious threats to their existence, we need to find additional vehicles to reach a broader audience. If others have ideas, would love to hear them!



Dr. Ellen Prager
Earth2Ocean, Inc

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