[Coral-List] High latitude, mesophotic coral communities described in new paper

Michelle Linklater ml970 at uowmail.edu.au
Sat Dec 17 23:03:04 EST 2016

Dear Coral-listers,

For those interested in coral range extents and mesophotic coral ecosystems, my colleagues and I have recently published a paper describing abundant coral communities at mesophotic depths in a high latitude setting. Corals were observed down to 94 m depth around a remote island, Balls Pyramid (31°45'S, 159°15'E) which is located at the southern limits of coral reef growth in the southwest Pacific Ocean (24 km south of Lord Howe Island). These corals were found to colonise the surface of an extensive drowned fossil reef system which flourished during times of lower sea level.

The discovery of abundant modern and historical coral growth in this setting highlights the capacity for coral growth in subtropical, mesophotic environments. These findings have important implications for understanding potential coral reef range expansion and deep reef refugia under a changing climate.

The paper is available for download via the following links: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1T~35-JmAX3~L (free full text download available until 21st December)


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