[Coral-List] Kim Kardashian meets David Attenborough?

Gregor Hodgson gregorh at reefcheck.org
Wed Dec 21 03:15:36 EST 2016

One of the biggest problems facing coral reefs today is the lack of
awareness among the general public about the issues facing reefs. Reef Check
is working with an experienced production company to develop a reality TV
show focusing on coral reefs throughout the world. We are currently seeking
coral reef students/scientists familiar with Reef Check who would be
interested to explore coral reef issues in front of a camera in a reality
format. The paid job would require travel to remote tropical locations for a
minimum of 10 days to multiple weeks. Please send a CV including any
previous video experience, and a cover letter explaining why you would be a
good candidate as well as several current photos and/or video links to
rcinfo at reefcheck.org.

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