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thank you for sharing your experience teaching non-science major adults. This is valuable information.

During the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in Hawaii this June, the filmmakers of "Chasing Ice" shared a few videoclips of their recent documentary "Chasing Coral", showing how beautiful coral reefs full of life are destroyed by warming seas. The short videoclips were visually stunning: you could see the corals dying right in front of your eyes.  I have not been able to see a screening of the entire documentary, but if the videoclips they showed us are any indication of the entire film, then we have a new and powerful storytelling experience to deliver the message that climate change is real, and warming seas are killing the coral reefs.

"Chasing Coral" will have its world premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Here's a link with more information


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As an environmental science professor for non-science major adults returning to get their degrees, when my students arrive in class - they almost always are in the "climate change isn't real" group. The one thing I have noticed that changes their mind is a movie we watch in class called "Chasing Ice" - glaciers, like coral reefs, should not show significant changes in a typical human lifetime. And this movie shows that they are decreasing around the world in timeframes of less than 10 years (less than one year in some cases). The movie shows the otherwise silent decrease. Most people don't visit glaciers - or if they do - it is one time. So they can't see the change. I think the same is true of reefs. Most people don't visit reefs - and if they do - its one time (or rarely). And it tends to be with a local dive guide/snorkel guide who is telling them how beautiful the reef is - since their livelihood depends on these people going home/back to the cruise ship and telling people (and the cruise excursion staff) what a wonderful dive/snorkel they had on the "beautiful reef" - it is the old problem of shifting baselines.

Here is a link to James Balog's TED talk - that is a short summation of the whole Chasing Ice movie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTDdY1UG7ug

I think this is what you need for reefs. Note that while Balog is a classically trained geologist - he is not a practicing geologist - instead he is a photographer and was originally a climate skeptic, who, through his photography for National Geographic, ended up learning and changing his mind. He can talk about the issue in non-science terms. Which In my opinion is half the battle.

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Dear Ellen and Listers,

Good article, it is right on point and should help to broaden the appeal, but at this particular moment in time I have to wonder if the tone and/or specifics of the message really matter. It seems to me, that now more than ever, a clear line has been drawn in the sand. Public perceptions of climate change seem to have settled in polarized positions and there they have dug in with such tenacity as to become virtually unmovable. No doubt some effort should remain to win over converts, but it doesn't seem like we are getting anywhere by tweaking the message regardless of how logical, factual and compelling  the arguments may be.
The big question now seems to be can we (and coral reefs) tolerate at least a four year hiatus on federal initiatives designed to mitigate the impacts of climate change? If not,  perhaps we need to refocus our efforts on developing, supporting and promoting private, state-led and international initiatives that hopefully will be forthcoming designed to offset the ominous policy shifts that we anticipate are just over the horizon.
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>Dear Coral List
>Here's a blog you all might appreciate. Dr. Tim Dixon and I tried to spell out why climate change and it's impacts are exactly about the things Trump and the GOP claim to want to focus on - economy, national security, and human health. I got a bit about coral reefs in there as well. If you like it and agree, please comment on the post (if the blog gets more hits and comments, they'll highlight it) and pass it on.
>In addition to finding ways to better communicate our message about the importance of coral reefs and the serious threats to their existence, we need to find additional vehicles to reach a broader audience. If others have ideas, would love to hear them!
>Dr. Ellen Prager
>Earth2Ocean, Inc
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