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Dear Coral listers,
Below is a research opportunity to study the recently discovered coral reef in Iraqi waters in the northwester Persian (Arabian) Gulf. If you have a US agency grant active in 2017, and interested in collaborating with the Marine Science Centre at the University of Basra, please contact me. The call for pre proposals ends on January 13, 2017. The flyer is here: http://spu.edu.iq/images/pdf/Iraq-PEER-Water-Resources.pdf
The picture in the flyer is of our Kurdish students at the Lesser Zab River - upper end of the Tigris River in a previous PEER grant.
Happy Holidays!

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Dear U.S. University Friends,

Iraqi researchers are looking for U.S.-based researchers who have federal government funding to partner on the USAID-funded PEER program, which is administered by The National Academy of Sciences.  To be eligible for funding from PEER, Iraqi researchers must have a U.S.-based partner.

Research areas included this year are:

a.      An Iraq-only program - Iraq/Water Resources and Environmental Impact;

b.      Environmental Contaminants (open to researchers in several countries, including Iraq).

We are helping to match make to identify U.S. researchers who would be interested to work with Iraqi researchers at universities and research centers in Iraq.  Please let me know if your university has federal funding to do research in these areas and your faculty would be interested to partner with Iraqi scientists.

Some general research topics that Iraqi scientists want to pursue are: river and groundwater water pollution, impact of drought and climate change, effects of oil industry on soil/water, detention and removal of heavy metals, sustainable cities in arid conditions, water resource management, marshes and public health/contamination/drainage, remote sensing technology to forecast water reservoirs, sprinkler irrigation techniques on wheat production, and more.

Please contact me ASAP at MiddlebroughLJ at state.gov<mailto:MiddlebroughLJ at state.gov> if you can help link us to researchers at your institution!  The pre-proposal application deadline is January 13, 2017.

Thanks as always for your support.  Happy Holidays!!

All the best,


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