[Coral-List] logistics, permits for coral research in Dominican Republic?

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Mon Feb 1 07:24:16 EST 2016

I believe the firm I work at, Environmental Resources Management, has conducted some work in the past with local DR biologists. Let me ask my colleagues. I'll get back with you soon.



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 Subject: [Coral-List] logistics, permits for coral research in Dominican Republic?
Dear colleagues - 

can you please share with me some contacts to arrange sampling Acropora cervicornis in Dominican republic? We will be looking at ~100 small samples (branch tips) across 2-3 sites. I would tremendously appreciate guidance as to whom I should contact locally to arrange the fieldwork and how to arrange permits (collection and export).

Many thanks in advance!


Mikhail V. Matz
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Integrative Biology

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