[Coral-List] Amazing coral cover! (Pawlik, Joseph)

Sam Purkis purkis at nova.edu
Tue Feb 2 12:16:32 EST 2016

Hi Joe,

With regard to your encouraging recent 
observations from Cordelia Bank (Roatan), the 
below papers from the same location might provide 
a historical perspective of status from a decade ago:

Keck J, Houston RS, Purkis SJ, Riegl B (2005) 
Unexpectedly high cover of Acropora cervicornis 
on offshore reefs in Roatán (Honduras). Coral Reefs 24:509

Riegl BM, Purkis SJ, Keck J, Rowlands GP (2009) 
Monitored and modelled coral population dynamics 
and the refuge concept. Marine Pollution Bulletin 58:24–38

Rowlands GP, Purkis SJ, Riegl BM (2008) The 2005 
coral-bleaching event Roatan (Honduras): Use of 
pseudo-invariant features (PIFs) in satellite 
assessments. Journal of Spatial Science 53:99-112

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