[Coral-List] Reef Encounter April 2016

Rupert Ormond rupert.ormond.mci at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 11:32:17 EST 2016

Dear Coral Listers,

We are planning to publish the next edition of REEF ENCOUNTER, the news 
journal of the International Society for Reef Studies, in April (2016).

While our policy is to give priority to members in accepting major 
articles and short-communication type papers, we do welcome other types 
of contribution from other reef researchers and managers.

Among other items we would welcome coral-listers advising us of (a) 
books that they have written or contributed to, that could be reviewed 
in our book review section, (b) coral reef related meetings about which 
we should include a report, and (c) recently departed colleagues for 
whom an obituary in Reef Encounter might be appropriate. On this 
occasion items would need to be submitted by about March 15th.

Recent editions of Reef Encounter can be downloaded without charge by 
non-members, as well as by members, from the Society's website: 

with thanks,

Rupert Ormond
Editor Reef Encounter
Corresponding Secretary ISRS
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

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