[Coral-List] BBC Open Ocean Inquiry

Yoland Bosiger Yoland.Bosiger at bbc.co.uk
Tue Feb 9 12:21:39 EST 2016

Hello, I would really appreciate it if you could forward this on to your readers. Thank you.

Dear Coral List Subscribers,

I wrote back in 2014 about a new major landmark series that the BBC Natural History Unit is making about our Oceans. Following an incredibly enthusiastic response I thought I should again direct a query your way.

For those who did see the previous post, the BBC is following up from Blue Planet with a major seven part series to be broadcast in 2017. This series will feature all the major ocean habitats from reefs to open ocean to deep sea and will include everything from marine mammals to coral reef species to seabirds. Through new science and new technology, this program aims to reconnect and inspire people about the ocean.

I'm currently working on our Open Ocean Episode and within this Ep, we are looking to tell a story about discarded man made objects (plastics, fishing nets) which are becoming a daily part of life in our seas. While we all know that these objects spell bad news for most species (a point we will most certainly emphasise in our program), we are interested in telling a story about how animals adapt their behaviour to deal with man made objects in the open oceans. It could be that certain species are using man made objects in surprising ways i.e. breeding, predator avoidance, feeding or as a navigational aid. Ideally we are looking for a filmable, colourful, fairly charismatic species that would appeal to a general BBC1 audience. As marine biologists and marine enthusiasts you may have read about or observed behaviours that would fit this general story line. Certainly, if you have an idea or could point me in the direction of a particular behaviour, I would be very grateful if you got in touch.

Finally, we are interested in potentially filming a number of pelagic drifting species including Vellella, Porpita, Janthina and Portuguese Man of War.. If anyone knows of reliable locations where we could find these creatures again I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you. My email is yoland.bosiger at bbc.co.uk<mailto:yoland.bosiger at bbc.co.uk>.

Many thanks,

Yoland Bosiger

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