[Coral-List] [EXTERNAL] Open Letter to USACE regarding siltation monitoring instrument for coral reefs

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Dr Erlingsson - as I have stated previously to you in both this forum and in person, your device was never considered for the Miami Harbor project. The reports from the corps engineering, research and design center were published almost one year after the plans and specifications for the ‎project were developed and approximately 6 months after contract award. During plans and specs development (concurrent w state of Florida permit) no agency or organization every provided any information about your device to the corps for consideration.

With regard to Port Everglades, the corps will be working with an interagency team to refine the monitoring m‎eans and methods. We we will apply the best available, practically implementable means and methods. Automated sedimentation measuring devices will likely be explored as one monitoring method, particularly based on their extensive use in Australia and in the resultant peer reviewed literature.


Terri Jordan-Sellers.

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Coral-List] Open Letter to USACE regarding siltation monitoring    instrument for coral reefs

Dear Coral Listers,

As you know, when dredging PortMiami the siltation on the coral reefs was not monitored in real time, and as we found out, the siltation monitoring instrument that I invented back in 1985 was not even considered since the USACE wrote a report saying that it was useless on scales less than 1 mm. They did not even reference the scientific literature that already 25 years ago said that it was capable of detecting 0.1 mm of sedimentation.

Now that Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale is up for dredging, the argument against using this real time monitoring system is the same as it was in Miami. It is therefore that I decided to write an open letter to the USACE and put the record straight. The SediMeter is PERFECTLY able to measure 0.1 mm of sedimentation, making that argument in invalid.

The open letter to USACE is published here: Blockedhttp://sedimeter.com/?p=137

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