[Coral-List] Call for abstracts - 2016 Ecological Integration Symposium at Texas A&M University

Danielle Macedo dcdmacedo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 08:37:18 EST 2016

The 2016 Ecological Integration Symposium Committee invites you to attend
the* 17th Annual Texas A&M University Ecological Integration Symposium
*on *March
31-April 1 at Rudder Tower and Theater at Texas A&M University - College
Station*.  The Ecological Integration Symposium is an interdisciplinary,
graduate student led and organized event that unites students with world
renowned researchers in the themes of ecology, conservation, evolutionary
biology, geography, and more.

During this free, two day event we will explore the ecological and social
challenges we face towards achieving sustainability in a human dominated
landscape through the theme of *Ecological Perspectives in Sustainability*
*.* This year, we will be hosting a day of speaker presentations at Rudder
Theater on March 31, and student presentations on the 4th floor of Rudder
Tower on April 1, 2016.

The 2016 plenary speakers include *Dr.* *Jayne Belnap*, research ecologist
with the USGS; *Dr. Ruth DeFries*, professor at Columbia University; *Dr.
Lisa Naughton-Treves*, professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison; *Dr.
Stuart Pimm*, professor at Duke University; and *Dr. Peter Vitousek*,
professor at Stanford University.

We are now accepting *abstracts for student presentations in talk and
poster formats*.  Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged
to present original research during the student research symposium
on Friday, April 1.  Please visit our presentation registration page for
more information on submission requirements and procedures:


*The deadline for abstract submissions is February 26, 2016*.

We are accepting *volunteer sign-ups* to help assist with the event
on March 31 and April 1.  Please visit
http://eeb.tamu.edu/eis/2016-eis/2016-eis-volunteer-registration/ for more
information and to register as a volunteer.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the
2016 EIS Committee at theeis.tamu at gmail.com.  Please visit our website
http://eeb.tamu.edu/eis/2016-eis/ and Facebook page for more information
and updates

We are looking forward to seeing you all this year during the 2016
Ecological Integration Symposium!


2016 Ecological Integration Symposium Committee

*Presentation Registration:*
*Judge Registration:*
*Volunteer Registration:*

*We thank all of our sponsors from Texas A&M University for making this
event possible,  including the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary
Biology, the Association of Former Students, the Office of Graduate and
Professional Studies, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the
Department of Geography, the Department of Entomology, the Department of
Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, the Department of Ecosystem Science and
Management, the Department of Animal Sciences, the Department of
Agricultural Economics, the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, and the
Department of Oceanography.*

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