[Coral-List] MICROBES MICROBES MICROBES! ICRS Session Abstract Submission!

Rebecca Vega Thurber rvegathurber at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 18:19:04 EST 2016

Like microbes? Like viruses? Like Symbiodinium? Love corals and coral

Then submit your abstract to our session (#12) at ICRS!  2 days left!

Below is a description of the session!


Corals engage in symbiosis with a diversity of microbial partners from all
domains of life, each with variable impacts on holobiont physiology. The
health and chemical cycling of coral reef ecosystems are thus driven, in
large part, by the metabolisms of these coral symbionts and other free
living marine microorganisms, such as Bacteria, Archaea, microscopic
eukaryotes, and viruses. However, the roles of these microorganisms and
viruses are not static, and changes to ambient conditions can alter
microbial communities and viral consortia leading to dramatic shifts in the
structure and function of corals and reef ecosystems. This session will
focus on the evaluations of communities of beneficial and antagonist
microbiota and viruses associated with corals and coral reef organisms
(e.g., sponges, seagrass, and algae) with an emphasis on the interactions
among microbes, between microbes and their hosts, and the role of the
evolution and the environment in shaping and shifting these interactions,
respectively. We invite oral and poster presentations from many facets of
reef ecology, microbiology, and oceanography, including those focused
broadly on topics like: the costs and/or benefits of flexibility in
coral-microbe symbioses, disease dynamics, trophic interactions, and
nutrient cycling.

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