[Coral-List] Reminder: Session #50, 13ICRS: Modeling and computational tools

James Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Thu Jan 14 07:49:17 EST 2016


    This is a reminder to please consider submitting an abstract to Session #50 of the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium (http://sgmeet.com/icrs2016/default.asp):

    *Session 50*: Modeling and computational tools for coral reef management
and conservation*



    Submission Information: 

    Organizing chairs for this combined session are:

	Jim Hendee, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, jim.hendee at noaa.gov
    	Elizabeth Drenkard, Environmental Sciences Department, Rutgers University, liz at envsci.rutgers.edu
    	Mehmet M. Dalkilic, Indiana University, dalkilic at indiana.edu

  *Session #50 is a merge of the following three sessions: *
    *#15 Ecological Forecasting for Coral Reef Ecosystems: Improving Support
for Management and Stakeholders**  #59 Advances in Physical and Ecological Modeling to Improve Reef **Resilience and Management #108 System-wide solutions built from
computational perspectives * 

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