[Coral-List] Favia fragum

Lowery, Constance L clowery at catawba.edu
Fri Jan 15 11:33:41 EST 2016


Does anyone work with Favia fragum?

For my research, I rear colonies in my laboratory, but have so many that I am running out of the small space that I have (and I cannot bring myself to just dispose of extra I do not use in my research).

I am looking to share these organisms with a lab that may do work with them..  Other than covering shipping, I am not selling them.  I have them, and just I want them well used in research.

I currently have 300 3rd-generation laboratory-reared colonies ranging from 1-5 months old (between 1-4 polyps).   Also, my breeding colonies produce larvae each month (around the new moon).

If you have interest in them, please email me directly (clowery at catawba.edu) and I can send you more details about them and the conditions under which they are reared to see if they would be useful to you.


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