[Coral-List] Seeking papers on artificial reefs as a fishery management planning tool

Rich Wilson rich at seatoneconsulting.com
Wed Jan 20 13:47:04 EST 2016


My team and I are currently conducting a literature review of the science,
application and management of artificial reefs in US waters.

We are interested, and seek your help, in acquiring recent papers,
presentations, conference proceedings and/or management planning documents,
particularly those that demonstrate the effectiveness or efficacy of
artificial reefs as a fishery management planning tool.

Our research is primarily focused on scientific investigations that have
occurred since 2007, and what these papers can tell us 1) about the current
state of the science surrounding artificial reefs and 2) what areas of
research potentially need additional study.

Our findings and analysis will inform a 2-day workshop of artificial reefs
that brings together planners, resource managers and scientists. The
workshop is expected to assess the state of the science relative to how
artificial reefs may assist resource managers in achieving or enhancing
sustainable fish populations and recreational fishing opportunities.

Thanks in advance for your help.

*Rich Wilson, CPF*
Founder and Executive Director
Seatone Consulting

*Inspired by the concept of an ecotone—where distinct ecological systems
meet and integrate—Seatone Consulting brings together people from diverse
backgrounds and interests to create collaborative, lasting solutions to the
world's most pressing conservation and sustainability challenges.*

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