[Coral-List] Training opportunity for marine protected area staff in Africa

Jenny Cousins jcousins at earthwatch.org.uk
Thu Jan 21 08:50:12 EST 2016

Earth Skills Network
Training Opportunities in 2016

This training opportunity for protected area staff in Africa is through the Earth Skills Network. The Earth Skills Network is a unique collaboration between Earthwatch, UNESCO, IUCN and the business community. It connects leaders from the business and conservation community through mentoring and skill-sharing opportunities. The knowledge gained through this global network provides new resources to safeguard the future of vital conservation areas.

In 2016 Earthwatch are running a number of ESN training programmes, which are available to protected areas, World Heritage Sites (including tentative list), protected area agencies or management authorities in Africa. The Earth Skills Network provides funded training in:

-     business planning and effective management practices and,

-     personal development of leadership capabilities, with

-     12 months of mentoring from an ESN corporate member with significant business experience.

Combined, this can help sites to take a more strategic approach to planning and tackling a range of specific organisational issues.

We are looking to recruit 18 staff from 6 African sites who will value training in business management and operational effectiveness, and will be in a position to put what they have learned into practice. We would appreciate your support in promoting this opportunity through your network, and would welcome any guidance regarding specific sites or agencies that would value this kind of training.

For more information please consult the Earthwatch website<http://eu.earthwatch.org/corporate-partnerships/partnering-with-earthwatch/earth-skills-network/earth-skills-network-protected-area>.

Best Regards,

Earthwatch Institute


Application Launch: 5th January 2016
Application Close: 26th February 2016

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