[Coral-List] You are More Than Scientists

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 21 09:09:17 EST 2016

   For  some  time now, I have been encouraging members of the scientific
   community associated with this list to speak out publicly about the threats
   that we know are increasingly degrading our coral reefs. I get it that many
   scientists  are  reluctant  to  appear  as advocates for what could be
   misconstrued as a political agenda, but now comes a call for a totally
   different approach. Here is an opportunity for scientists to show their
   human side. No politics, no science lessons, no controversy . . . just plain
   talk about why you may have concerns about the future of coral reefs and
   other marine ecosystems. After all, you may see yourself as a scientist, but
   you are more than that. You are earthlings; brothers and sisters, mothers
   and fathers, perhaps even grandparents.. You are members of a community,
   hikers, hunters, fishermen and gardeners and I venture to guess that all of
   you have concerns about what we are leaving to future generations. That's
   why I'm suggesting that you assume one or more of your "other roles" for a
   moment while you explore the concept promoted by More Than Scientists -
   morethanscientists.org.  I  spoke  recently  to  the  director of this
   organization  and  like me, he is hoping to get more marine scientists
   involved in this effort. Its simple, all you have to do is follow this
   helpful guide and create your own short story.
   Check out some of the brief messages already posted by some of your peers on
   their website or FaceBook page. Your stories are equally important for
   people to hear and this is one of those efforts that is worth a step or two
   outside of your "comfort zone". After all, "You are more than scientists. It
   will take more than science. It will take us all, working together, for a
   better future".
   Warm Regards and Thanks,
   Steve Mussman

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