[Coral-List] New Technologies for Coral Restoration

David Vaughan dvaughan at mote.org
Mon Jan 25 14:38:08 EST 2016

To All,

At the risk of this topic inundating the next few days of comments, I 
thought I would forward some good news about coral reefs.
      This video goes over a few new technologies that could be of great 
interest and  assistance to reef managers and decision makers.  It 
includes the new aquaculture potential of propagation of large amounts 
of the reef building massive corals, not just branching corals. It also 
shows some increasing improvements of survival of coral recruits from 
sexual reproduction. It quickly reviews our pre-testing of coral species 
and strains for resiliency for future increasing sea temperature 
conditions and increasing ocean acidification conditions.  Best of all 
the implementation of a new re-fusion technology (Forsman, Page, Toonen 
and Vaughan, 2015, PeerJ 1313)  for reef building coral fragments into a 
large coral colonies that are the size for sexual reproduction.  Many of 
these technologies could give additional tools for restoring our coral 
reefs to our next generation of coral enthusiasts, while we try and 
solve the global stressors on our reefs.


Dave Vaughan,
Florida Keys

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