[Coral-List] A recent review paper on management of coral reef ecosystems in Indonesia

Handoko Susanto ayuvide at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 03:52:21 EST 2016

Dear All,

Allow me to share our recent review paper on management of coral reef
ecosystems in Indonesia, which has been published in the Coastal Ecosystem
Journal, under SCESAP (Society for Coastal Ecosystem Studies - Asia
Pacific). Feel free to download and hope it useful for one of your

The paper could be downloaded through: www.scesap.org or direct to:

Thanks and best,

Spanning a major part of the Coral Triangle, an area of highest marine
biodiversity in the tropical western Pacific, Indonesian archipelago has an
extensive coral reef coverage with well over 500 coral species having been
recorded.  There is no doubt that coastal and marine resources, mostly in
the form of coral reef ecosystems, have contributed significantly to the
economic development of the country.  Recognizing the importance of marine
conservation for sustainable utilization of resources and environments,
Indonesian government has committed itself to establishing and effectively
managing marine protected areas (MPAs) covering 200,000 km2 by 2020.  There
has been a tremendous growth in MPAs in Indonesia: from only 54,198 km2 in
2003, the total protected area has tripled to 164,511 km2 (as of July
2015). Of those MPAs established, 30% are managed by the Ministry of
Environment and Forestry, 35% by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and
Fisheries, and the remaining 35% by local governments. The varied
capacities, foci and funding of these institutions create complexity and
inefficiency in resource use, which could undermine the effectiveness of
MPAs.  The immediate tasks have been identified, e.g. attaining the MPA
target to protect an additional 35,500 km2 of coastal areas, as well as
managing the existing ones effectively and sustainably. This paper details
the status of Indonesian MPAs from historical and current policy-based
perspectives, together with consideration of challenges that lie ahead for
improved MPA management towards the future.

Handoko Adi Susanto
Rare Indonesia
Email: handoko.susanto at cbn.net.id

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