[Coral-List] ReefBudget coral and CCA calcification data updates

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Dear Chris,

Hello.  You may also be able to find data in the control information of
experiments which people have run in the field or laboratory on these
characteristics.  That is, the information against which their experimental
information was to be compared to find effects.  There's a heap of it out

Good luck.



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Subject: [Coral-List] ReefBudget coral and CCA calcification data updates

Dear all
Following the ICRS meeting and discussions with various people at that
meeting about census-based budget methodologies it reminded me it was high
time I tried to get on with some updating of the spreadsheets that our
ReefBudget methodology uses (a job that has kept sinking down the to-do list
for a number of months).

So this is a call for two things.

1. For any datasets on coral or CCA extension rates/skeletal density
values/calcification rates that have been published or sit in the grey
literature that we have not yet picked up (there are probably lots!) and
which people would be happy to see us add to the spreadsheets. These are
currently differentiated as simply Caribbean and Indo-Pacific under the
supporting dataset tabs at http://geography.exeter.ac.uk/reefbudget/.

It might be easier if these are sent in spreadsheet form but copies of
relevant papers/tables of data are also welcome, with relevant citation

Please send these to *c.perry at exeter.ac.uk <c.perry at exeter.ac.uk>*

2. I would also be interested to hear of any on-going applications of the
method for surveying/monitoring etc.



Chris Perry
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