[Coral-List] Research Associate II position in isotope geochemistry at OSU (50-54k starting salary)

Grottoli, Andrea grottoli.1 at osu.edu
Wed Jul 13 05:52:53 EDT 2016

Research Associate II position in isotope geochemistry at Ohio State University (50-54k starting salary).  Responsible for the operation, maintenance, and student training on a noble gas mass spectrometer (Helix SFT) and peripherals, a multi-collector  noble gas mass spectrometer (Argus VI+) and peripherals, as well as a stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer (Delta V Advantage) and peripherals.   For details and application form see https://www.jobsatosu.com/postings/71563. Applications are due 31 July 2016.  For questions, please contact Dr. Tom Darrah (darrah.24 at osu.edu) or Dr. Andrea Grottoli (grottoli.1 at osu.edu)

Andrea G Grottoli, PhD
Head of the Division of Water, Climate, and the Environment
The Ohio State University
College of Arts and Sciences  School of Earth Sciences
329 Mendenhall Laboratory, 125 South Oval Mall, Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-5782 Office / 215-990-9736 Mobile / 614-292-7688 Fax
grottoli.1 at osu.edu

Webpage: u.osu.edu/grottoli.1<https://u.osu.edu/grottoli.1/>
Fieldwork Micro-blog: twitter.com/CoralResearch<https://twitter.com/CoralResearch>
Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory (SIB Lab):

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