[Coral-List] Coral farms for aquaria planting coral back onto reefs?

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Hi Damien,
You might want to take a look at this site.
I hope you find it interesting
Walt Smith

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Dear coral list members,

I am trying to find information on coral farms, anywhere in the world, which
re-plant corals back onto reefs after they have been grown on the farm.  I
would like to figure out how to get in contact with them, or the people in
charge of replanting these coral back onto reefs.  Any leads are helpful as
this is proving to be a difficult task given the remote locations of these
farms and the control that US based coral exporters have over them.  Most
wholesale coral distributors will not give me access to speak with the farms
that they are supplied by because they fear something.

My goal is help accelerate the coral transplanting/repopulating process
through funding provided by the live aquaria trade and general public. And
as a secondary effect provide new jobs to the locals which work on these
farms, to help aid the diminishment of reef degradation through harmful
harvesting practices. 

Thank you for your time,

Damien Beri
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