[Coral-List] Coral Reef Ecology Course - Maldives

Michael Sweet M.Sweet at derby.ac.uk
Thu Jul 21 07:57:15 EDT 2016

Dear Coral List
I'm happy to announce that our Coral Reef Ecology course will be continuing this year in December. Dates from the 10th to the 22nd. The course has been taking on international students for the last three years and proves extremely popular. I'm sure the location helps and you get to spend 10 days on our private island surrounded by one the most diverse ecosystems on earth. You'll stay at our purpose built research station (www.korallionlab.com<http://www.korallionlab.com>) and be taught by yours truly (Dr Michael Sweet). We'll cover the basics but move quickly onto field sampling techniques, and how to measure the effects of climate change and human impacts. Furthermore, you'll get 5 days to design, run and analyse your own project (with my guidance of course). In addition to our usual exciting line up we have an ecological modeller on board, who will teach you his skill sets and get you really interested in programming and analysing your data. Another new improvement this year, is that the course is accredited and you'll receive a 20 credit module certificate which is transferable between Universities and can be upgraded to part of a post graduate certificate (PGCert). The cost is UK£1477 excluding international flights. We can organise and book your flights as well if needed please email me for more information on this. As the course is now accredited there is coursework associated with the award. Fees cover accommodation, food and transfer to the island from Male. We already have 15 people booked on the course and the capacity is 21 so book early. Not only will you learn lots of exciting things about reef ecology but due to the international draw it's a great chance to network and meet other likeminded people (you might even find the love of your life - note no guarantees with this). Email me at m.sweet at derby.ac.uk<mailto:m.sweet at derby.ac.uk> for more info and how to book. Hopefully see you on the island.

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